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Thinking of Selling Your DME Business?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020


BILLIONS of dollars have been spent and made over the past five years in the DME space. With reductions in reimbursement rates, regulatory audits, the big boys getting bigger, and borrowing rates near all-time lows, it is no wonder why owners are looking to cash in… but should they?

Here are some questions that must be asked and answered BEFORE deciding what the right time to sell is:

1. How do they maximize the multiple that the buyer is willing to pay?

a. What can be done prior to creating the book?

b. What initiatives will create the largest and quickest positive impact to valuation?

2. What does a buyer look for?

3. Should you offer an asset or full stock sale? Which is better for you and why?

4. Have they prepared their business to sell?

5. Is the business ready for the due diligence that will take place if they can get a Letter of Intent signed?

6. Does the seller understand what reduces the valuation of the company and what can be done to mitigate any negative impact? Where the seller will focus their efforts on during the due diligence process.

7. Does the seller understand why offers get reduced at the closing table and how they avoid this happening to them?

8. How does the seller know if the offer is competitive for their business?

Boost Advisory Group is well-versed and experienced in the art of buying and selling DME businesses. We are here to help you maximize your valuation, limit your exposure and navigate you through the process. Do NOT sell your business without speaking to us first.

Boost Advisory Group will conduct a comprehensive review of your business operations, processes, and financials so that we can identify and then help you maximize your valuation and protect you from smoke and mirror offers and the bear traps that buyers look for in order to reduce their acquisition costs.

Having been involved in millions of dollars of acquisitions, both as a buyer and seller, we possess the expertise that you deserve to ensure that you boost your valuation and cash out at the maximum price.

Call us today at 888-304-2480 to discuss in greater detail how Boost can help you!

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