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BPA Case Study

Bot process automation (BPA) is the process of automating business procedures through mimicking and automatically executing rule-based tasks.

Bots can copy and record machine tasks and records the set of actions that a user takes to complete a task.

Simply said, a Bot acts as an agent that interprets and executes tasks, just like a human, but with increased speed, productivity, and accuracy.

What Are The Benefits of Bot Process Automation?

- Increased Labor Savings

- Increased Productivity Up to 392%

- Increased Accuracy

- Much Easier and Quicker to Scale up

- No More Work in Process Backlogs

- Improved Compliance

- Reduced Risk Due to Human Error

- No Sick Days, Vacation Days- Can Work 24/7

Bots vs. Human-Daily

Bot vs. Human-Annually

Current Labor/Work In Process

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