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The Psychological Impacts of a Medicare Audit

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

...And How to Successfully Address Them

So, in the mail today is the fretted surprise of a Medicare Audit Notification Letter. What are you feeling?

Concern? Fear? Shock? Confusion? Anger? Frustration?

YES to all!

Anytime, anyone receives a letter from the government there is concern. Receiving a letter from the government that informs you that you are now in a Medicare Audit Review only adds to the rash of emotions that begin to overwhelm you. Why me? What did we do? What is this going to cost us? Are we in trouble? Is my business at risk?

If this is not a new process to you then you are most likely feeling the following: Unbelievable? Not again? Now what? The government loves taking my money.

What we at Boost have learned over the years is the audit process is not just simply a process of sharing information, but rather, it is an emotional roller coaster ride for executives and business leaders and this is exactly why you need to separate yourself from the process.

The first wave of emotions for first timers is concern, fear of loss, fear of cost.

Once that passes over it then turns to frustration. Why are they doing this to me? I do things the right way. I am not part of the problem; I am part of the solution.

Once you submit your files and begin receiving your denials your emotions turn to rage and anger. This is unfair. The ask is impossible. CMS does not understand business and how our business works. The only want my money. They don’t care about my patients.

And you immediately want to fight.

You feel the immediate need to defend yourself, your business, your team, your everything.

I have been through this myself numerous times as an executive of a healthcare company and I can tell you that the only thing fighting will do is… create more frustration, have zero impact on the results and create a tenuous relationship with your auditor. NOTHING MORE.

The only way to win this game, and you are going to hate this and most likely curse at me is to… comply.

The only way to get back to building your business is to get off your audit as quickly as possible.

The only way to feel better is to get off of the audit as quickly as possible.

Surrender to the fact that this is a reality and a new way of business that you MUST prepare for.

This is why I STRONGLY success that you outsource your Medicare audit response so that you can focus on the day to day business and separate yourself from the emotional roller coaster ride that will only delay success and cause you and your business more pain. Outsourcing also allows you to engage experts in audit response and Medicare LCD’s and gives your business the best fighting chance you can get.

Or, you can learn the hard way. The expensive way. The ineffective way.

I wish you all an abundance of success and hope you avoid the emotional roller coaster rides of Medicare Audits.

Regardless of the type of audit: ADR audits, MAC audits, TPE audits, RAC audits, or UPIC audits Boost Advisory Group has the expertise and proven track record to help you successfully avoid the emotional rides and successfully defend the audit.

Best of luck and feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.



The Boost Advisory Group has acquired the necessary clinical expertise, executive business leadership, and product expertise that you deserve, and need in order to successfully defend a payor audit. Regardless of which type of audit or appeal you are facing, Boost Advisory Group is equipped to successfully help you win your appeals, improve your compliance and quality of documentation, and improve your overall financial health without having to spend exorbitant legal fees… and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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