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SUPERCHARGE Your Sales Teams with CUSTOMIZED $ucce$$ Plans

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How to become the hunted and not the hunter

IT BLOWS MY MIND how many people fail to plan for success. Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.”

People think they plan. I plan on being successful. I plan to be the top producer in my company. I plan on winning the President’s Award. I plan on winning that trip.


Thinking or talking about planning is dreaming; NOT planning. It has no ether. No energy to inspire you. Provides absolutely no vision and belief regarding how to achieve your goals or the belief that you can achieve your goals.

Sales leaders that cannot, or do not, teach the HOW TO’s to becoming the top producer are just ring leaders. Keep them in the ring long enough for the company to get some sales. How sustainable is that?

And before you respond with “I do teach them. I teach them to work harder. Make more calls. Visit more offices. Ask for more sales. Everyone knows you can’t get the sale if you never ask for it.” Nice try. That is not teaching the how to’s. That is not coaching for success. That is teaching them to be a hunter; to chase business.

That is why churn rates are so high in some companies.

I am talking about COACHING them and LEADING THEM how they can BECOME THE HUNTED; NOT THE HUNTER.

When you learn how to become the HUNTED the game changes 100%!

And this is typically the main reason why your sales teams are not producing the numbers you need them to. You have not prepared them to be successful. I know the truth hurts sometimes. It is so much easier to point the finger elsewhere then take ownership of the providing a data driven, logical, and effective solution.

Everyone wants to be the best of the best, but most people run around chasing customers without any idea on HOW TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS…and they do this because their leadership team is telling them to do more.

Which, 99% of the time, is the EXACT THING YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO.

I would advise you to do…ENOUGH!

What exactly is enough activity to achieve my goals? What exactly are the activities that if I spend enough time and energy on, will almost guarantee my success? What exactly is enough knowledge that I need to have in order to be a value-added resource? What exactly is enough integrity to be perceived as a TRUSTED resource?

What EXACTLY do I have to do to BECOME THE HUNTED and NOT the hunter?

Working harder and doing more unsuccessful things and spending more time on unsuccessful activities will only produce more frustration; more doubt; more reasons to call it a day and go home PRAYING tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be your day.

And here is the REALLY FRUSTRATING fact… the pathways to success are right in front of you. In fact, they are all around you.

Please allow me to ask you a series of CRITICAL questions.

1. Do you know exactly how many units you need to sell to hit your financial goals?

2. Do you know exactly how much revenue you need to produce to hit your financial goals?

3. Do you know exactly how many customers you need to achieve your financial goals?

4. Do you know exactly how many customers you need to call on in order to convert those calls into orders?

5. Do you know how to leverage your time and sales by growing your distributor/manufacturer relationships?

BUT EXACTLY HOW?. I plan on being successful. I plan to be the top producer in my company. I plan on winning the President’s Award. I plan on winning that trip.asier to point the finger elsewhere then take ownership of the providing a data driven, logical, and effective solution.

7. Do you know your companies time in the process, or cycle times from order to ship?

8. Do you know your exact order to ship rate?

9. Do you know your typical carry-over each month?

10. Do you know at the start of the month if you are starting out ahead or behind? DO you know why?

11. Do you know how the amount of days in your month directly impacts your production? Do you have a plan to either mitigate or take advantage of the this?

12. Do you know exactly what a top producer looks like?

13. Have you completed a reality inventory of where you are and where you must go and EXACTLY what needs to be done in order to be the top producer?

14. Do you have a plan, when your frustration is high and your results for the day or week or low, to keep going? What is going to motivate you? What questions can you ask yourself to ensure you stay on plan? What resources can you use to change your oil and recharge your mind?

15. Do you know how to take advantage of every single income-generating opportunity of your company’s compensation plan?

If you do not know the answers to each, and everyone, of these questions, and a handful more, then all you are doing is hunting. Please remember, this is not baseball where if you complete three out of ten you are a hall of famer making millions.

There is an EXACT science to becoming the top producer and all THE HOW TO’s are all around you… no one has shown where it is, what it is, how to apply it, and what it can do for me. THAT is how you coach for success!

Learn the answers to these. Use concrete, historical information (as you know history does have a way of repeating itself and this is AWESOME news for us) and create an effective plan that clearly identifies EXACTLY what you should be and need to be doing in order to maximize your potential.

Create a CUSTOMIZED SUCCESS PLAN for that provides with the exact "HOW TO's" to achieving the success you seek.

Then, and only then, are you “almost” GUARANTEED to reach your goals. I will get into the “almost” another day.

Boost Advisory Group can help you and your sales team illuminate the path to success with data-driven CUSTOMIZED success plans that help each of your team members reach their goals, improve your team member retention rates, increase your value to your team, and improve your overall chances for organizational success.

Call us today at 888-304-2480 if you would like to learn more about customized success plans and what they can do for you.

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