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DME Outsourcing Checklist

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

PURPOSE Of The CHECKLIST: Boost Advisory Group has created this DME Outsourcing Checklist to assist DME business leaders in choosing the best DME outsourcing partners whether it is for DME medical billing services, DME customer service, or verification services.

COMPLIANCE: Is the DME outsourcing expert complaint with Medicare and OIG guidelines? Are they trustworthy? Are they trained at least as good as your employees are?

☐ Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training

☐ Compliance Training

☐ HIPAA Training

☐ Background Checks

☐ OIG Exclusion List

☐ Corporate Compliance Plan per OIG Guidelines

SECURITY: Are the DME outsource partners systems HIPAA compliant? Is your, and your patient’s data safe?

☐ Systems are ISO 27001 Compliant

☐ Email and Stored Data Is Encrypted

☐ Systems have audit logs to ensure data integrity

INSURANCE: Is the DME outsourcing company insured properly?

☐ E & O Coverage of at least $1,000,000

☐ General Liability Insurance

☐ Cyber & Theft Protection

☐ Worker Compensation

QUALITY: Is the DME outsourcing company committed and prepared to provide quality work? Are their employees trained, knowledgeable? Are they experts in the DME product lines that you provide? Are they Medicare and payor guideline experts? Do they make you feel comfortable and secure that they can drive improvement and hep you attain financial excellence?

☐ Staff are DME Trained Experts in your product line

☐ Staff are LCD Experts Regarding ICD‐10’s, Modifiers, Over Utilization, Non‐Covered Items, Documentation Requirements, Bundled Codes

☐ Staff has Proven Track Record in Payor Audit Defense

☐ Leadership has Proven Track Record in DME Operations

☐ Have they actually operated a DME business before?

☐ Do they have proven clinicians on staff to assist with DME coding and medical records interpretations?

☐ Are the Client Account Managers DME product experts?

VISIBILITY & COMMUNICATION: Can you reach your DME outsourcing vendor when you need to? Are their cultural barriers that have not been solved for? Is the reporting package exhaustive, educational, and actionable? Do you have a set meeting schedule to ensure all parties are moving in the same direction? Do you have open lines of effective communication?

☐ U.S Based Operations Center

☐ U.S Based Account Manager

☐ Robust Reporting Package

☐ Performance Review Meetings

☐ Weekly Update Meetings

☐ Responsive to Meeting Requests, Issues, Concerns‐ Available by phone

BUSINESS FLEXIBILITY: Does your DME medical billing and operations outsourcing company have a comprehensive suite of services that are customizable and scalable as your business grows and your business needs change? Can they staff up quickly and effectively?

☐ Comprehensive suite of outsourced services

☐ Call Center Operations‐Order Fulfillment‐ U.S Based Agents

☐ Insurance Verification & Pre‐Authorization Services

☐ Documentation Verification Services

☐ RCM‐Medical Billing Services

☐ Payor Audit Defense Services

☐ Ability to Staff Quickly

PRICING FLEXIBILITY: Is the DME Outsourcing partners compensation directly tied to performance and provide pricing options regarding fee structure and services offered?Pricing Structure Options Directly Tied to Performance

☐ Multiple/Custom Service Offerings

☐ No Start‐Up/Implementation Costs


About Boost Advisory Group:

Boost Advisory Group, LLC is a leading consulting and outsourcing group that is dedicated to the DME industry. The Boost team is comprised of proven DME executives, clinicians, and DME product specialists who have amassed over 70 years of combined DME experience.

Tel: 888‐304‐2480, ext. 1011

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