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DME Consulting Services: How Much Money Are You Leaving on The Table?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Boost Advisory Group has a team of proven DME experts that have amassed over 50 years of combined and proven experience, spanning numerous product lines, such as; diabetes testing, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, diabetic shoes, surgical/wound care supplies, urology, ostomy, incontinence, bowel management, pharmacy, breast pumps, wheelchairs, walkers, orthoses, and CPAP.

Boost Advisory Group prides itself as being performance improvement and business optimization experts through our commitment to achieving operational excellence, compliance and privacy excellence, and financial excellence.

Operational Excellence is achieved when people, processes, systems, and performance is optimized. Boost Advisory Group can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the following:

1. Intake to Posting Process

2. Marketing Strategy

3. Bad Debt Drivers

a. ERL

b. Denials and Appeals

c. Insurance Errors

d. User Errors

4. Patient Retention

5. Referral Source Retention

6. Reorder Processes and Performance

7. Staffing Plans Based on Historical Performance

8. Critical to Quality Metrics, Performance, Areas of Improvement

9. Systems-Phone, Fax, EMR, Servers, etc.

10. Business Continuity/Emergency Plans

11. Scripting Compliance & Effectiveness

12. Communication Strategies

a. Patients

b. Manufacturers

c. Referral Sources

d. Health Care Providers

e. Insurance Companies

13. Documentation & Medical Records

14. Forms

15. Training

16. Payor Contracts & Guidelines

17. Referral Source Mix

18. Payor Mix

Compliance and Privacy Excellence is achieved when processes, training, people, quality, and systems are optimized to be effective, compliant, and quality-driven, without putting performance at risk.

Boost Advisory Group focuses on the following key elements when assessing a client’s Compliance and Privacy level of excellence:

  1. Annual Training Plans and Compliance to Medicare Requirements

  2. BAA, NDA Forms and Management

  3. OIG Requirements

  4. Comprehensive HIPAA Assessment

  5. Sample Programs

  6. FHAP programs and scripting

  7. Compliance Program Requirements & Compliance

  8. Internal Audits and Compliance Reviews

  9. Denial and Recoupment Processes

  10. Quality Review/Control Programs

  11. Medicare Appeals & Audit Response Times and Win Rates

  12. Medicaid & Commercial Payor Audit Response Times and Win Rates

DME companies cannot achieve financial excellence without first achieving excellence in compliance-privacy and then operations, however, financial excellence includes such areas of focus as follows:

  1. Labor Utilization to ensure staffing levels are effective and efficient

  2. Bad Debt Management

  3. COGS Management and Book of Business Financial Optimization

  4. Medicine Cabinet Penetration; Revenue Per Order Optimization

  5. End of Month, Quarter, Year Protocols to Drive Work in Process Down

  6. Work Plans; Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually/Customized Success Plans at Rep & Dept. Level

  7. Accountability Tools and Management

  8. Growth Strategies

  9. Robust Reporting Package- you can’t manage what you can’t measure

  10. Error Rate Management

  11. Vendor Contract/Rebates/ Joint Venture Marketing Opportunities

Boost Advisory Group will help you identify areas of improvement via our assessment and GAP analysis process and provide to you action plans to drive improvements. Our plans are customized to your needs and budget and can include any of the following services:

  1. Assessment and Action Plan

  2. Project Management

  3. SOP Writing

  4. Brightree Systems Optimization

  5. Training

  6. Executive Cost Sharing to Provide Oversight and Daily Management

  7. Monthly Consulting Plan Utilizing us as needed


About the Author: Michael Breslin is a seasoned and proven healthcare executive who has led, improved, grown, bought and sold numerous DME businesses since 2009. He is viewed as a performance improvement and change management expert with a deep understanding and success in creating Centers of Excellence. Michael is currently the Executive Vice-President at Boost Advisory Group.

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