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$ave Your Money! You do NOT need an attorney to defend a Medicare Audit!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We completely understand that receiving a written OVERPAYMENT notification or AUDIT notification letter from CMS or a commercial payor can be nerve racking, but DO NOT WORRY.


The team at Boost Advisory Group has been successfully defending and winning Medicare, Medicaid and Third-Party payor audits and appeals for years all-across the USA. In fact, we have successfully appealed tens of thousands of claims and have a historical win rate of 90%+ while helping companies favorably appeal Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial payor audits and recoupments.

With numerous health care reform changes and initiatives taking place, the current regulatory climate is more active than ever. Whether you are facing typical pre-payment audits from the MACs, TPE’s, CERTs, RACs, or ZPICs, Boost Advisory Group is your trusted resource to keep you up to date on changes, potential impacts to your business, and help you stay compliant of LCD’s, PIM, and payor guidelines.

We leverage our decades of DME and clinical experience to improve your knowledge base, identify areas of opportunity within your business processes to improve, and help you successfully navigate through the turbulent and ever-changing regulatory waters.

Boost can assist with the following services during an audit so you and your team can focus on your active book of business:

1. Conduct a comprehensive review of all impacted files, and or targeted HCPCS, for compliance with order quality, billing requirements, and documentation requirements

2. Conduct any necessary documentation outreach campaigns to resolve outstanding requirement deficiencies by utilizing our team of clinicians

3. Prepare and submit appeals packages that present and build an effective case for payment based on the technical and medical aspects of the appeal. These submission packages are key to the success of the appeal and are conducting by our expert clinicians.

4. Leverage our years of DME business acumen to effectively manage unbilled revenue through the audit process and provide as much compliant relief as possible.

5. Provide consulting guidance regarding process improvements, training opportunities, visibility to key performance indicators that will improve your bill and collect rates

6. Provide effective training campaigns that improve overall knowledge and improve the foundation so the business can reach operational and financial excellence.

7. Prepare your business to become AUDIT PROOF.

Regardless of which type of audit or appeal you are facing, Boost Advisory Group is equipped to successfully help you win your audits, improve your compliance and quality of documentation, and improve your overall financial health without having to spend exorbitant legal fees.

Call us today at 888-304-2480 and be sure to ask how Boost can help you AUDIT PROOF your business.

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