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5 Immediate Action Items DME’s Can Take to Grow Their Business

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

And… It Will Cost Next to Nothing!!!

1. Improve Your documentation

2. Improve Your Bad Debt Management

a. Modifiers

b. ICD 10

c. Insurance Fails; inaccurate IV, HHE, wrong Ins.

d. Timely

3. Improve Your Unbilled Revenue Management

4. Improve Your COGS

5. Improve Your Talent… in a very different way that you might think

a. Training

b. Morale

1. Help them through the day; mind vitamins

2. Communicate

3. Thank you

4. Engage and listen

5. Happy employee/happy patients/happy referral source

c. Absentee Rate

d. Succession plans

e. Accountability

f. Performance

1. Units, compliance, quality

g. Empower

1. Continuous process improvement

2. Make decisions; identify future leaders

3. Make them part of the solution

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