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5 EASY ways to DRASTICALLY improve revenue and profit

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

  1. Get Rid of bad business

  2. Optimize COGS- products/payors/profits

  3. Repeat Rates

  4. 90 day  orders

  5. Easy fill refill

  6. Outsource Repeat 

Revenue Improvement Checklist

  1. Shipping Costs/Overnight cost management/

  2. Acquisition Costs

  3. Conversion Rates

  4. Contact Rates

  5. Repeat Rates

a. Repeat process

b. Auto refills

c. Customer service

d. Show you care

e. Order quality

f. Shipment packed on time, delivered on time, packed neatly

6. Revenue per Order


8. 90day

9. Auto Fill Refill rates

10. Process Improvement- reduce touches

11. Improve Bill & Collect Rates

12. Urgency.  Extend month

a. Expiring docs, pars

b. EOM protocol

c. Improve TIP

13. Bucket management/ accountability

14. Compensation plans that reward financial excellence

15. Improve attendance rates

16. Staffing

a. Attendance

b. Relative Performance

c. OT Management

d. Training/knowledge

e. Remove decision trees

f. EOM/EOQ time off policies

g. Invest in Team and Improvement

1. Training

2. Motivation/inspiration

3. Listen and act

17. Reduce/Eliminate Bad Business

18. IV Fails/ Bad Debt Management

a. Improve IV

b. Improve PAR

c. Improve DOCS

d. Improve quality of orders/ERL denials

e. Improve appeal management

19. Unbilled Revenue Management

20. Labor Utilization Rates/Management Improvement/ Focus on Drivers

21. Outsourcing effectiveness

22. Retention Rates

23. Manage exchange rate

24. MFG Rebates

25. Swim lane Discipline

26. Talent Management

a. Staffing levels

b. Low producer/quality/attendance recycle

c. Improve management. Drive business

d. Invest in training

e. Leader to member staffing ratios

1. Reorgs

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