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DME Facility Requirements

Our DME Facility Checklist outlines all of the requirements in order for your space to be approved by the accreditation agency and Medicare. Securing a compliant physical business address is a crucial step in the accreditation process when starting your DME business. There are a handful of requirements that must be met such as minimum size, but one of the main one’s is that it must be a true, physical address. It can NOT be a Regus type office. Here are the requirements:

Facility is a minimum of 200 DEDICATED square feet

​Facility is in a public space (no gated community, no home based business, or area with restricted access)

​Facility is Handicapped Accessible

Facility can have a permanent visible sign in plain view (when located within a building complex, the sign must be visible at the main entrance)

Facility can have business hours posted visible from outside

​Facility has adequate space for product display

​Facility has adequate space for inventory

Facility has adequate space for business records

Facility has a product quarantine area (as applicable)

​Facility address is recognized by USPS

Fire exits and escape routes present

​Exit signs Illuminate

​Fire extinguishers are present or can be added

Smoke detectors, fire alarms are present and working

Facility has ability for a phone to be installed (hard wire or soft phone)

Facility has ability to have internet access (hardware or wireless)

Facility has proper egress

Facility has appropriate space to serve patients depending on product line – wash room, fitting rooms, examination rooms, etc

You can download a digital copy of our checklist for your convenience.

Facility Checklist
Download DOCX • 29KB

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